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Gaming Chair Model T-Red
  • Flexible Adjustability and Multi-Scenario Seat: Backrest reclines from 90° to 165°, includes 3D armrests, 360° swivel, and a rocking function. Ideal for gaming, working, reading, watching films, taking a nap, or resting.
  • Ergonomic Design: Structured backrest and seat offer optimal comfort and support, effectively reducing pain from long hours of sitting.
  • Luxury Thick Pleather: Eco-friendly, durable, and offers rich tactile and visual appeal.
  • High-Density Cold-Cure Foam: The most expensive type in the market, lasting up to 12 years. Contours to the body's curves, suitable for prolonged sitting.
  • Advanced Materials: Includes high-quality wheels and mechanical parts.
  • Robust Steel Frame: Full steel structure with an integrated flameproof plate for enhanced durability and safety.
  • Integrated Seat Frame & Foam Technologies: Patented advanced foaming technology integrates the steel seat frame inside high-density foam for superior comfort and durability, with a high weight capacity.
  • SGS 4-Grade Air Lift Cylinder: Provides 100% safety and is certified by European standards.
  • Luxury Adjustment Features: Includes a car seat-style adjustment handle and advanced armrest adjustment mechanism.


Gaming Chair Model T-Red

  • Allow for a heavy dose of luxury when you opt for those Georges ITANNI GAMING CHAIR — perfect for a gamer and computer user. Ergonomic design with the most popular features from our chair collections. It brings luxury to a new level with ergonomic extra padded seating, adjustable armrests and adjustable backrest, Eco-friendly materials, and high-quality sturdy Pleather. It puts gaming grinders in a very stylish way and optimized for your best comfort!

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