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Gaming Chair Model  E- Dark Grey
  • Flexible Adjust-ability, Multi-scenario Seat, Backrest recline to 90°to 165° and 3D armrests, 360°swivel, rocking function. A seat allowing you to game, work, read, watch film,take a nape after lunch and rest.
  • Ergonomically structured backrest and chair seat give your body the best comfort and supports. Effectively reducing long hours sitting pain.
  • Luxury thick Pleather is Eco-friendly, has years of durability, is an exceptional choice with rich tactile and visual potentials.
  • High Density Cold-Cure Foam is the most expensive type in market typically lasts up to 12 years can contour to your body's curves while you sit, suitable for long hours of sitting. All materials such as wheels and mechanism part in this chair are most advanced.
  • Full steel structure frame which has a built-in flameproof plate to maximize the durability and safety.
  • Integrated Seat Frame & Seat Foam technologies. By applying the patented advanced foaming technology, the steel seat frame is completely integrated inside the high-density foam for extraordinary comfort and durability as well as extremely heavyweight withstanding.
  • SGS 4-grade air lift cylinder 100% Safety & Certified by European standard.
  • Luxury car seat adjustment handle and advanced armrest adjustment handle

Gaming Chair Model E- Dark Grey

  • Allow for a heavy dose of luxury when you opt for those Georges ITANNI GAMING CHAIR — perfect for a gamer and computer user. Ergonomic design with the most popular features from our chair collections. It brings luxury to a new level with ergonomic extra padded seating, adjustable armrests and adjustable backrest, Eco-friendly materials and high-quality sturdy Pleather. It puts gaming grinders in a very stylish way and optimized for your best comfort!